IIS “A. Castigliano” – Asti


Clicking on the image you can read the documents produced by the students of the classes 2N and 2S of the Institute IIS Castigliano of Asti.
The page (created using Mindomo) includes:
an animated video produced by Nerma Khair, a student of Egyptian origin, which tells the story of her family emigrated from Egypt to Italy;
some graphic novels created with the program Scratch (this page is a work in progress);
15 interviews realized by the students to their relatives who emigrated from South to North of Italy or from other Countries to Italy;
several didactical materials about the history of emigration from Italy to north Europe and to America between the XX and XXI centuries;
geographical maps on the movements of population in Europe and the Mediterranean area;
some videos presenting statistics and graphs relating to emigration flows that have affected Italy in recent years;
an E-book describing the current Italian and EU legislation concerning the emigration: in particular the students have examined the laws concerning the healthcare assistance for foreign children;
some traditional foods and recipes of the Italian regions and Countries of origin of the students’ families emigrated to Asti;
exercises and games that highlight the changes introduced in the Italian language by the contacts with new dialects and foreign languages;
clothes designed by the students, ispired from the traditional dresses of their Countries of origin;
the video of the “fashion parade” made the May 30, 2015 in Asti with the clothes designed and realizad by the students;

Some of the texts have already been translated into English. All texts will be translated into English ASAP.

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